Type MZG RDF two-shell motor grab


Ideal for use in refuse-derived fuel (RDF) incineration plants for the handling of materials such as wood chips, shredded plastic or tires, paper and cardboard scraps, pellets and/or fluff. Mainly used in cement, paper and industrial plants (high heat-value areas).

Technical design

  • Optimisation of crane load capacity thanks to its lightweight design which can hold maximum loads
  • Both motor grab systems (MZG and MMGM) can be made fully automatic by attaching sensors
  • MZG is ideal for use in tight spaces
  • Lightweight design for high load capacity
  • Size, measurements and grab suspension can be customised according to your needs
  • Further advantages: see type MZG port and type MMGM (under “products/motor grab systems)

Grab drive

  • Vertical electrohydraulic drive unit with high-pressure pump
  • Turn control or valve control

Grab connection bearing

KRÖGER low-maintenance or maintenance-free bearing system

Product sheet


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