The European cement industry employs around 35,500 people and has an annual turnover of roughly 15 billion euros, making Europe the 3rd largest producer in the world. Europe’s annual cement production was around 180 million tons in 2019. 

As interest rates continue to remain low, it is expected that substantial investments will be made in residential construction and that the government will establish incentives for investments in infrastructure. The future of investment in commercial buildings remains to be seen.

It is therefore safe to assume that cement production, which requires a lot of energy, will remain high. This means that general pressure to make the production process more energy efficient will rise.

METZEN offers a multitude of stone and earth solutions for your particular situation, whereby we always consider all of the possible ways to save energy. We base our advice on our decades of experience and our engineers’ and technicians’ know-how: we are experts in various different fields, from silo and conveyor plant engineering, including hoppers, weighing scales and dosage equipment, to dosage, storage and conveyor systems for bulk goods. We can also design, produce and install entire plants with filters and pipelines. We are able to construct highly specialised plants, e.g., for dried sewage sludge or recycling waste products. 

Andreas Groth

Andreas Groth

Managing Director Environmental Technology


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