Grab systems

KRÖGER Greifertechnik is the internationally leading lifting systems brand. We have been developing and producing superior products for over 50 years. Our grabs stand out thanks to their outstanding handling capacity, long lifespan, low-maintenance bearing technology and their sturdiness. 


KRÖGER Greifertechnik is one of the worldwide leading grab systems manufacturers.


KRÖGER grabs are successfully used at maritime and inland ports for bulk handling, in warehouses and at industrial or handling sites; as well as in cranes on ships or dredgers for gravel extraction, in excavation diggers, for demolition and waste incineration, in steel mills and in the timber industry.

We also repair and refurbish used KRÖGER and other grabs and offer a reliable spare parts service here at METZEN.

We significantly increase your company’s profitability in bulk and bulky goods handling thanks to our senior engineers’, experience, knowledge and motivation, combined with our highly reliable, powerful grabs. We always use highly wear-resistant materials, sophisticated designs, and maintenance-free technology, so you can also profit from our high-quality, efficient work.

Range of application

Used every day in the toughest conditions all over the world.
KRÖGER rop, motor and hydraulic grabs, specially designed for port handling, waste processing, gravel extraction and alternative fuel incineration.

Rope grab systems

Our KRÖGER rope grabs are used on crane systems for gravel extraction, port handling and waste processing to lift high and even maximum loads.

Motor grab systems

Manufactured for tough yet smooth bulk load handling – in sea and inland ports, gravel and sand extraction, and waste processing.

Hydraulic grab systems

Efficiency is important for successful cargo handling. Our KRÖGER grabs with hydraulic technology improve your handling systems’ efficiency in multiple ways.

Special grabs

These grabs can be specially modified and adapted for alternative fuel incineration thanks to their compact, maintenance-free design for fully automatic operation in tight spaces.

Load handling equipment

We design, develop and manufacture industrial load handling equipment. We stand for expertise, innovation and diligence and permanently strive for quality.


We always have the main spare parts for KRÖGER rope and motor grabs in stock, whether you require them for a revision, quick on-site damage repair, repairs caused by wear-and-tear or refurbishment.

Spare parts

We know what downtime means for our customers. Which is why we develop and manufacture superior, robust products. Our maintenance-free rope and motor grabs contribute to both environmental protection and economic efficiency.