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Our manufacturing takes place in our 20,000m² METZEN manufacturing center and our other production facilities. Here we create superior, certified welded and special parts, including mechanical processing and surface treatment for the industrial order production of components, units and systems which require special authorisations and documentation. We are specialised in the production of machines, (pressurised and unpressurised) containers, fans, appliances and special welded constructions. We manufacture both individual parts and medium-sized batches with high added-value and all the necessary authorisations.

Most of our products are used in the energy distribution, rail transport, automotive and food industries, as well as in various niches of mechanical engineering, plant engineering and steel construction.

On top of individual components and ready-to-install units, we also manufacture complete machines, including regulation and control technology. Our senior engineers develop them from planning and design to project management and installation, finishing with the complete operating documentation.

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Albert Steinmetz

Albert Steinmetz

Senior Engineer Industrial Services


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