Chemical industry

The chemical industry is a raw material industry, which is dependent on the general global economic situation. The sub-sectors of pharmaceuticals and certain areas of speciality chemicals are particularly profitable. The industry’s level of automation as well as its quality and safety requirements have significantly increased over the past few years. 

In order to stay at the top of their game, chemical companies must continue to invest extensively in the improvement and automation of their development and production, as it can safely be assumed that safety standards in particular will become stricter due to new EU regulations. At the same time, development cycles for new pharmaceutical products are continuing to shorten.

METZEN is happy to support you in these challenges thanks to its senior engineers’ know-how and unique problem-solving skills. Our teams consist of technicians experienced in the construction and assembly of pipelines, dosage and weighing equipment, storage and mixing containers as well as industry-relevant conveyor systems.

Elke Betancourt

Elke Betancourt

Senior Engineer Conveyor Systems


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