Competent, reliable and efficient. As experienced grab systems specialists, we professionally repair and restore all makes of grabs.

We always have the main spare parts for KRÖGER rope and motor grabs in stock in our warehouse, whether you require them for a revision, quick on-site damage repair, repairs caused by wear-and-tear or refurbishment. We either make quick repairs on site or take your machinery to our workshop for more comprehensive refurbishments. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. 


Restoration – KRÖGER

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Renewable warranties

A guarantee like no other in the entire grab technologies industry. 

Our superior quality is what allows us to offer this exceptional guarantee. Our comprehensive repair and restoration service means we can offer our uncompromising service even to companies outside of our usual client base. 

We completely overhaul grab systems and offer a new warranty on our work. This pays off, even if the revision costs over 50% of the price of a new grab . Our technicians’ expertise in working with all grabs means we can offer this service for all brands. 

All three possibilities:


The quick repair service

A classic example: when a client informs us that their grab’s shells are distorted, we immediately fix their grab  on site, or we pick it up and repair it in our workshop.

The service is the same if their grab is from KRÖGER or from elsewhere. We are the market leader in quick repairs thanks to our flexibility and speed, which allow you to avoid long downtimes. 


Functional revision

Grabsare subject to extremely high pressure on a daily basis. It is therefore recommended to carry out a functional revision before your grab becomes damaged or can no longer be used.

Our clients profit from our specialised technicians’ extensive experience in repairing grabsmade by KRÖGER and by other manufacturers. We completely dismantle your grab  for its functional revision, at which point we often discover hidden damages. We replace damaged internal and external components. This is an extremely quick process if we have the components in stock. Because when carrying out repairs, we prioritise keeping downtime to a minimum. This also minimises the risk of something going wrong with your replacement grab.


Full refurbishment: preventative repairs with warranty renewal

A refurbished grab system is always better value for money than a new one, even though this service goes far beyond a functional revision. For a refurbishment, we can completely replace your grab shells. You are on the safe side with KRÖGER, as you benefit from a warranty for all new parts. In practice, this means that in the case of a claim, the warranty comes very close to that of a new grab. Because full refurbishment goes beyond classic repairs, as we thoroughly check all parts of your grab. It is therefore advantageous for customers to take preventative action and decide whether they want a full refurbishment or if a functional revision is sufficient. A full refurbishment does, of course, cost more, but it is worth it even if the price ends up being over 50% of that of a new grab, because a refurbished grab comes very close to a new one. Guaranteed. 

Two examples

Example 1: your grab’s shells are bent


We repair the shells.


We repair the shells and replace the plates if worn. 


We replace the shells, meaning your shells are brand new, with all the advantages of a new grab!

Example 2: a shell pivot bearing is broken


Direct help: we replace the bearing’s bolts and bushes with new ones.


The client has more time: we thoroughly check all four bearings. We replace any worn bearings with new ones.


We check all parts of the bearings and replace as needed. The advantage: we offer our warranty on all bearings like with a new grab!