Steel is a versatile material, the conventional production of which generates gases that are harmful to the climate, especially CO2. Around 1.7 tons of CO2 emissions are produced for one ton of crude steel. This figure must be drastically reduced by 2050 in line with the Green Deal and political climate neutrality aims.

This challenge can only be resolved by the complete overhaul of the steel industry’s existing plants.

Researchers are already analysing various approaches in their search for an efficient solution. One approach is to try and exchange the carbon in the iron ore reduction process for hydrogen, so that CO2 gases cannot be produced in the first place. However, no decisive breakthrough has been made so far.

In the meantime, we remain your partner for the design, development and production of steelwork load handling equipment such as slat hooks, slab tongs, transport mechanisms, crossbeams and rope drums.

Daniel Boos

Daniel Boos

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