Rope grab – type MSGM (waste processing)


Waste incineration plants, refuse-derived fuel (RDF) incineration plants or incineration plants of any kind. For various types of cranes with internal or external holding ropes.

Technical design

  • Low-maintenance or maintenance-free for increased profitability
  • 4-rope grab with half-closed grip
  • Suitable for handling waste of any kind
  • Closing rope devices:
    • Rope nozzles
    • KRÖGER MAINTENANCE-FREE, rope-protecting, roller-bearing pulley system
  • Rigidly mounted main casing to accommodate the lower rope pulleys, easily move the ropes and reduce wear on them even when the crosshead is at an angle whilst the grab is being operated
  • Solid, removable rope guards
  • Rope pulley bearing:
    • Re-greaseable plain bearing
    • KRÖGER MAINTENANCE-FREE pulley block system
  • Grab connection bearing:
    • Re-greaseable steel bushing bearing
    • KRÖGER MAINTENANCE-FREE bearing system
  • Stable shell structure with shells made out of S355J2+N with a wear-resistant edge recessing made of Pantanax steel
  • Tooth tips:
    • Welded tooth tips made of special, highly wear-resistant steel
    • Quick change system

Product sheet

Rope grab – type MSGM

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