Assembly / Service

Manpower on demand

We support you from analysis to assembly. Our highly-qualified senior engineers and fitting and welding teams take care of project planning and realisation, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and exact timing until your plant begins its operations.  Our specialists’ expertise is based on numerous successful, internationally renowned major projects and professional training programmes.

We offer regular training to our employees to promote innovation in the workplace, as well as ensuring that they are safe and in good health.

Our specialists optimise existing plants either whilst they continue to operate or in the shortest possible shutdown times. They meticulously integrate the all elements required to align plants with new processes. Our premium solutions for complex plants allow you to save on expensive new constructions, free up additional capital, and gain valuable production time.

In addition, we outsource our highly qualified teams for assembly and maintenance when personnel bottlenecks or sudden requirements make immediate and professional action necessary.

We are here to help

Our senior engineers provide you with rigorous, individual support based on long-lasting trust. We are happy to help if you ever experience staff shortages or require a quick, professional solution. Our specialists are available to help you with assembly and maintenance at any time, on every day of the week and at all of your locations.

If you require repairs, in most cases we can guarantee immediate on-site intervention using spare parts stored in our warehouse. 

Reiner Röser

Reiner Röser

Senior Engineer Assembly


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