Environment and energy

We use too many raw materials and we reuse them too little. Waste prevention and high-quality recycling still need to be drastically increased. We aim to permanently improve the circular economy, in order to protect the environment.

Which is why we focus on enabling plants to use resources more sustainably and increasing energy and raw material efficiency.
Metzen Industries - Recycling


The recycling industry is currently undergoing a transition. Both manufacturers and recycling companies are benefiting from closer ties and even plastics processors are joining forces with reprocessing plants.
Metzen Industries - Energie


Germany is the seventh largest energy consumer in the world. Recent discussions about climate change and the environment have already led many countries to rethink their energy policies.
Metzen Industries - Müllverbrennung

Waste incineration

492 waste incineration plants with a capacity of around 96 million tons operate in Europe.

METZEN Industries | Wasserwirtschaft

Water management

We plan, produce, and assemble mechanical and electrical equipment for water management plants. We also focus on wastewater disposal and adaptation of rainwater overflow basins.

Metzen Industries - Ersatzbrennstoffe

Alternative fuels

Fossil fuels’ availability is dwindling as the global demand for energy is on the rise. The development of new energy forms, in particular alternative fuels, is crucial.