Motor grab – type MMG (port handling)


Handling general scrap, car bodies, steel chips, shredder scrap, paving stones and much more, in sea and inland ports or at storage facilities.  For pier engineering and riverbed maintenance. For various types of cranes and excavators with internal or external holding cables. For various types of crane with control systems designed for hydraulic motor grab systems.

Technical design

  • Open, half-closed or closed grip design
  • Suitable for handling scrap, stones, waste and other difficult to grab goods depending on design
  • Optimisation of crane load capacity thanks to its lightweight design which can hold maximum loads, self-locking grab suspension for crane hooks
  • Grab drive:
    • Vertical electrohydraulic drive unit with high-pressure pump
    • Closing and opening movements are controlled through clockwise or counter clockwise rotation of the electric motor (turn control). The electric motor is only switched on whilst the closing and opening movement is being performed.
  • Grab connection bearing:
    • Re-greaseable, robust steel bushing bearing
    • Stable shell structure with shells made out of S355J2+N. Can be made with a wear-resistant edge recessing made of Pantanax steel depending on usage
    • Welded shell tips made of special highly wear-resistant steel

Product sheet

Motor grab – type MMG

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