Rope grab – type UWS (gravel and sand extraction)


Underwater gravel and sand extraction using dredgers and rope excavators with 2 or 4 ropes. Suitable for use in all river and lake dredging areas with difficult ground conditions and at dredging depths of over 100m.

Technical design

  • MAINTENANCE-FREE design, which benefits both the environment and your profitability
  • 5-rope or 7-rope reeving design in all sizes
  • Larger capacity for increased output
  • Lightweight design, optimised grip
  • Closing rope infeed in star form on the grab head with the KRÖGER MAINTENANCE-FREE, rope-protecting pulley system
  • Fixed linkage steering on one side of the grab head
  • KRÖGER MAINTENANCE-FREE pulley block system
  • Grab shells made of wear-resistant fine-grain steel
  • Grab connection bearing with the KRÖGER MAINTENANCE-FREE bearing system
  • Tooth tips are interchangeable depending on ground conditions

Product sheet

Rope grab – type UWS

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