The automobile industry is currently undergoing what is probably its largest upheaval in history, moving away from fossil-fuel powered motors and towards alternatives such as electricity or hydrogen. Production lines will have to take on more universal applications in the future so existing plants can still be used for new models. Autonomous vehicles are also being intensively promoted.

It is therefore important to plan new automotive plants not only for existing models, but also to ensure their design is flexible and modular so they can continue to be used for future products. 

Our highly-qualified senior engineers engineers are here to help you with consulting, design, production and assembly. METZEN can assist with constructing, reconstructing, refurbishment and maintenance using spare parts for your plant’s production lines, turning stations, transfer systems, pallet belts, etc. We also offer custom conveyor technology, e.g, roller and chain conveyors, conveyor belts and with motor or engine block manufacture. 

Nicole Sieberichs

Nicole Sieberichs

Senior Engineer Conveyor Systems


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