Sewage treatment

Juri Ball

Juri Ball

Senior Engineer Environmental Technology


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From discharge aprons to Vulkollan wheels

Korzonek Klärwerkstechnik, METZEN’s sewage treatment branch, has been a competent and trusted sewage engineering partner to local authorities, wastewater companies and industrials for over 30 years. 

We design and manufacture custom spare parts for all scrapers and refurbish them to guarantee their long service life.

Chassis and drives

  • Longitudinal scraper chassis
  • Circular scraper chassis
  • Drive wheel with direct drive for circular scrapers
  • Rack-and-pinion drive chassis 
  • Rack-and-pinion rails
  • Longitudinal scraper chassis with stabilising cross beam and rail drive
  • Rack-and-pinion drive with rail impeller
  • Bolt rail for rack-and-pinion drive
  • Rail longitudinal scraper chassis with synchronously controlled drive

Pivot bearings and slip ring systems

We manufacture and assemble pivot bearings and slip ring systems with hose swivel joints or without hose access. 

Scraping blades for longitudinal and circular scrapers

We manufacture and assemble single and multi-piece scraping blades. If required, they can be made offset or thicker for reinforcement and impellers can be added. This includes adjustable mounting and adjustment to the tank’s edge. 

Wheels and drive units

  • Vulkollan wheel with D=400 axle
  • Solid rubber wheels with D=610 axle
  • Solid rubber wheel as D=400 rim wheel
  • Rail impeller with D=420 wheel flange
  • Vulkollan drive wheel with coupling
  • Solid rubber wheel unit with axle and bearing
  • Vulkollan drive wheel with gear wheel
  • Solid rubber impeller
  • Vulkollan wheels with impeller monitoring unit

Shut-off and control units

We manufacture our caseless shut-off and control units as well as our rainwater reservoir equipment in-house in Germany


We supply:

  • Sluice gates
  • Process sluice gates
  • Vertical rising sluice gates
  • Emergency sluice gates
  • Backwater flaps 
  • Flap weirs
  • Distribution gates
  • Stoplogs
  • Retaining walls and drainage barriers
  • Tipping buckets
  • Surge flushes
  • Self-regulated weighted shutting flaps

Further components

We also design, manufacture and assemble other components: 


  • Assembly and mounting of rabble rake drives
  • Lifting motors for ground clearing blades
  • Lifting motors with shaft tubes including bearings, couplings and cable drums
  • DN 80 90° flange swivel joints 
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Centre drives with cardan shafts
  • Bridge supporting rings made of solid aluminium 
  • Lateral guiding wheels
  • Gear motors
  • Computer drives