Plastics recycling

The recycling industry is currently undergoing a transition. Both manufacturers and recycling companies are benefiting from closer ties and even plastics processors are joining forces with reprocessing plants, in some cases through acquisitions. This way, plastics processors secure themselves a constant supply of recycled materials which they can then use for production.

Recycling is becoming a more significant part of many industries due to the growing importance of sustainable production and economy. Paper, plastic, glass, ceramic, electrical equipment and electronics are, in particular, being recycled more and more often. Recycling processes are also being further developed for mineral substances such as slag or ashes.

However, since recycling only starts to pay off once a significant amount of materials have been recycled, the industry must, for example, significantly improve plastics recycling and its possible uses, as well as developing new sales markets. This will require constant advancement and increased investments in new technologies, especially because mechanical recycling mainly requires large quantities of well-separated, clean plastics. But mechanical plastics recycling is not the same as manufacturing new plastic products, which can be seen in the positive progress which has been made in terms of well-separated collection, pressing and shredding, washing and separation of other materials such as paper, other plastics or metal which may be stuck to the plastic which is to be recycled. In the future it will be crucial to produce recycled materials which are as pure as possible and will be attractively priced as raw materials, even in other industries.

From shredder to extruder

METZEN offers both complete plastics recycling plants and individual subcomponents to expand and optimise your plant, including engineering and process control for agricultural film, PET bottles, municipal mixed waste and much more. We also provide you with machines and equipment for washing, drying, separation and transportation.

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Andreas Groth

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