The food industry is growing thanks to increased exports. In 2020, the European food industry’s estimated overall turnover was over 1.4 billion euros, making it one of Europe’s most important industries. However, the industry has been struggling with consistently low consumer prices for several years. Sustainable production and higher-quality products are considered to be the main opportunities to improve prices. 

Potential contamination, food traceability and safety, sustainable production and environmentally friendly packaging are therefore all crucial issues for the industry. As a result, plants are subject to strict hygiene standards and should be as easy and quick to clean as possible.

METZEN provides top-quality dosage, storage and conveyor equipment for bulk materials such as sugar or salt, as well as special cooling belts and link belts for the careful transportation of products. Our product portfolio also contains drums and containers for specific steps in the production chain, conveyor equipment for containers (including emptying) and packaging items like boxes, sacks and packets. Our engineers are also experienced in the construction of state-of-the-art oil mills, biorefineries or raw material processing plants, which all contribute to resource conservation. 

Dietrich Wunn

Dietrich Wunn

Managing Director Conveyor Systems


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