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Ramin Ghalibaf

Ramin Ghalibaf

Ramin Ghalibaf

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


T +49 4046 0029 810
M +49 1736 1920 00



Ramin is METZEN’s chief executive officer (CEO). 

He works closely with his multi-talented teams to provide industrial companies and their management with innovative solutions for their most complex and critical challenges. Ramin has over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and executive in engineering, production and services related to industrial factories and machinery. 

Thanks to his years of experience as CEO of various SMEs such as KRÖGER Greifertechnik and FMS and his entrepreneurial know-how, he has a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of industrial sites. 

As CEO, he works closely with his teams to develop METZEN’s overall strategy and mission statement. Ramin places particular importance on strong cultural values and on the expertise of the managing directors and of the engineers in charge of the different business units, in order to develop custom, results-oriented solutions for METZEN’s clients. Before joining METZEN, some of Ramin’s roles included managing director for the First Commercial Group in the USA and Germany, corporate finance and acquisitions investor, CEO and CRO.

“A company’s diversity and culture are the foundation which allows it to develop unique, results-oriented solutions for complex problems.”