The METZEN Way. CEO Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past 50 years, METZEN has earned a reputation for setting the highest quality standards in all areas of our business. We have achieved this by remaining focused on our customers and our people:inside – and by upholding our core values of commitment, professionalism, teamwork, common sense, personal respect and clear communication.

Our behavior matters. It matters with each other in the workplace and with our customers in the marketplace. As we look to grow in the future and build on what we have achieved, we have created this Code of Conduct to help us better understand how our core values, principles and company policies must guide our decisions.

Our Code is international – it applies to each of us in every place, role and situation.

The principles that form the basis of our Code are carefully considered. They require us to base our decisions on METZEN’s core values, and they remind us that it is our responsibility to collectively manage potential risks and seek guidance from an appropriate contact when we encounter a situation that affects us.

I ask each of you to take the time to read this Code, internalize it and put your heart and soul into the values that shape METZEN and are at the core of the company’s culture, reputation and success.

By living our values, we can build on our outstanding reputation in the marketplace.

With best regards,
Ramin Ghalibaf, CEO

METZEN Industries - Verhaltenskodex - Unser Kodex. Unsere Entscheidung. Unsere Verantwortung.

Our Codex

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