Senior Engineers


METZEN has been working with clients across Germany and Europe for more than fifty years, helping industrial companies respond to challenges when everything is at stake – from urgent plant performance improvements to complex rebuilds, from risk mitigation to capacity expansion and new plant implementation.

Every project is different, but they all have one thing in common: the need for decisive, informed and often urgent action.
And because this need is at the heart of everything we do, it shapes every aspect of our business.

The way we work – both with our clients and with each other – is as much a part of who we are as what we actually do. That’s what sets us apart – we’re the partner of choice for some of the most successful industrial companies in the world, but also for some of the most challenged when it matters most.

We work in small, highly skilled teams with specific industry expertise, working at pace and moving quickly from analysis to implementation. We stand side by side with our clients until the job is done and measure our success only by the results we deliver.

Nicole Sieberichs | METZEN Industries

Developing and reliably implementing new conveying solutions in cooperation with my demanding customers, for example from the food industry, is a task that gives me great pleasure every day.


Nicole Sieberichs, Senior Engineer Conveyor Technology


Experienced engineers come to METZEN to:

  • Lead and implement meaningful projects at the customer’s site.
  • Discover industries and use cases you are passionate about.
  • Contribute to practical solutions and help implement them.
  • Be part of a team of diverse backgrounds, experiences and personalities.


We focus on doing meaningful work that matters. Unsere Kunden verlassen sich darauf, dass wir zuverlässig, praktisch und Ideenreich handeln.
This means more opportunities to work with decision makers and less focus on volumes of drawings that no one ever reads.
Our way is different and we only hire those who excel in our agile company culture.

Our teams in headquarters, manufacturing and assembly follow the same entrepreneurial approach

Our senior engineers are successful in part because there is a dedicated support team in the manufacturing centre, assembly and other professionals who support and anticipate their needs and contribute to the growth of the business.

Our corporate services teams include finance, human resources, organisational development, marketing, risk, legal, procurement, office administration and strategy.

Everyone at METZEN is committed to the same core values. And our unique hiring process helps ensure that everyone who joins us is a great cultural fit and has the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Our colleagues in Corporate Services come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we look for people with different perspectives and experiences to add value to the company.