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Ralf Sand

Ralf Sand

Ralf Sand

Managing Director Industrial Services


T +49 9721 6431 0
M +49 1601 6100 04



Ralf has over 20 years’ management experience in both plant and mechanical engineering and in technical industrial services. In particular, he is an expert in solving technical problems which arise when producing complex custom solutions for major industrial plants.

He has an engineering degree as well as detailed business and technical expertise. As head of the industrial services business unit, he runs METZEN Industries’ manufacturing centre. He works closely with his team to produce innovative, premium solutions for his clients, for which he designs complex technical components. These components can, for example, be used in renewable energy plants for electrical conversion or wind power. 

Ralf ensures to remain in direct contact with his engineering and customer service team throughout the whole process – because he knows that success is only possible through teamwork. 

Before joining METZEN, Ralf was, among other roles, managing director of PSA Armaturen and ACO Passavant Germany.

“Our clients are our partners. We (METZEN) support them every day with our manufacturing expertise – and have been doing so for almost 100 years.”