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Klaus Reichel

Klaus Reichel

Klaus Reichel

Senior Engineer Grab Systems


T +49 2838 3772
M +49 1713 6161 14



Klaus is, in particular, an expert in systemic planning and technical problem solving.

He has over 30 years’ mechanical engineering and hydraulics experience. He currently manages materials handling, gravel extraction and waste incineration projects and solves various challenges related to the handling of different materials. 


He trained as a mechanical engineer and is used to both working in teams and making decisions. He always lends a hand and supports his colleagues where he can. 

As a member of the Red Cross, Klaus prioritises his team members’ safety. His easy-going personality ensures straightforward communication.

Before joining METZEN Industries, Klaus worked for various companies, including Aalberts Surface Treatment and Lukas Hydraulik in Erlangen.