Selection process

Our candidates are at the centre of our recruitment process. You will meet several members of our team during the application process and have the opportunity to get to know us as a company and as individuals. You will be able to share your perspectives, goals and experience with us.

During the recruitment process, we ensure that all parties have all the information necessary to make the right decision.

We believe in collective success, whether you are already an expert or if you are looking for your first job, in engineering, consulting, manufacturing, assembly or services.

METZEN stands for certain characteristics: commitment, common sense, communication, respect, professionalism and teamwork are the foundation of our recruitment process and for our work as a team.

When it really matters

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What we are looking for

Working on critical issues demands a variety of skills and experience. Here at METZEN, we look for candidates with the following characteristics:

Entrepreneurial: our people take ownership. They generate innovative ideas and solutions as individuals and as a team.

Confident: Our team members work with minimal direction. They have excellent communication skills and work side-by-side. with customers from a variety of industries.

Analytical: When faced with challenging and fast-paced situations our people overcome obstacles to help clients solve complex problems.



Our Process


Our interviews take place as a dialogue. We want to get to know you and your capabilities, to understand your personality and career goals. We also want you to get to know us. We encourage you to ask questions so you can gain a real inside view of who we are and how we work.


Our evaluation helps us to identify people who will be successful at METZEN. It is just as important for candidates to form a clear idea of how we work as individuals and as a team.


It is our way of finding out what makes you strong

The assessment provides an important opportunity to gauge how successful candidates will be in our environment. It also helps you to quickly become used to how we work, accelerate your growth and permanently improve your self-confidence.

“Understanding our own personality is key to using our unique strengths to increase our motivation and improve our interactions with others. This is critical to the success of each individual and of the company.” Ramin Ghalibaf, CEO METZEN Industries.


We allow you to succeed as an individual

Some companies offer training programmes to teach you how to work with clients. METZEN puts you in direct contact with our clients. Your view will be taken into account from your first day and you will be able to solve important, meaningful challenges independently.

At METZEN, you can succeed as an individual