We value our teams’ diversity and also share common values and characteristics. We focus on goals and results and are passionate about what we do. We work hard for our clients and for each other. We are committed to our clients’ and colleagues’ success, as well as to a culture of collaboration, mutual respect and integrity.

Career development

Here at METZEN, career development is not based on a standard formula, but instead on personal performance, results and commitment. Our culture allows our employees to follow exceptional career paths which relate to METZEN’s core business and correspond to their individual experience, interests and passions.

Development possibilities


At METZEN, we believe in mentors and relationships. Our managers understand that it is their responsibility to support your development as best they can and to coach you so you can make progress in your career. We believe that “learning by doing” is key to developing your skills and your career. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, you will work with leading industry experts and build on your existing know-how. 

Types of roles

Engineering and consulting

Our engineering and consulting teams apply their extensive industry expertise to solve our clients’ complex, critical challenges. They work on urgent projects in small teams and provide our clients with practical, sustainable solutions, which we then put into place.

Manufacturing, assembly and service

Our manufacturing team members are experts in what they do, whether it is welding, mechanical engineering, surface treatment or complex assembly. They support our strategic growth by successfully implementing solutions for our clients. They do this by manufacturing superior products, components and plants and helping our clients to install their plants and get them running. Find our job offers or send an application here.  


Diversity is one of our core values and a key element of our business. We recognise the value diversity brings to our personal experience at work and to the quality of the solutions we provide to our clients. We create and promote a respectful environment in which thoughts and ideas can be freely shared without prejudice. 

Develop your career at METZEN

We offer a wide variety of products and services to help our clients, meaning we have different types of roles available: Engineering and consulting Manufacturing Project management Assembly/service Conveyor systems Grab systems Environmental technology Industrial services   We offer deep technical expertise across a variety of industries:Environment and energy Construction materials Chemical industry Logistics Food production Steel